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Start: Westerminster tube station

Duration: 3 hours

Westminster contains more royal history than probably any other part of London. King and Queens have lived here, been married here, been crowned here and buried here for almost one thousand years. It has also been the seat of English government since Parliament began in the 1200's. 

Some of the things that you will find on this walk: 

  • which way Big Ben leans 
  • the old medieval Westminster hall 
  • the burial chapel of many of the Tudor and Stuart Kings and Queens 
  • traditions of the House of Commons that now form part of everyday English 
  • World War Two air raid shelters 
  • original street gas lamps 
  • why footballers can pass the ball forward 
  • Westminster Abbey and its Sanctuary 
  • the Palace of Westminster Division bell 
  • Duck island and its governor 
  • Horseguards parade ground 
  • Buckingham Palace