The History Walking Guide - on your iPhone

Support FAQs

My WalkAppBout app will not install?

Your phone needs to be connected to a wifi network or to your computer for the download to begin. It is too large to download over a cellular connection.

Please check how much memory your have available on your phone. Because of the large amount of content in the app, the files can be quite large. You may need as much as 150MB available.

I can't hear the audio?

Please check the volume setting. Even we get caught out by this sometimes!

The compass keeps jumping around or pointing in the wrong direction?

There is a large amount of steel in some modern buildings and this can distort the earth's magnetic field making it difficult for the phone's compass to get a bearing. If you keep moving, it will settle down in the end.

Your phone's GPS also needs to see a reasonable amount of the sky to get a fix from the satellites. This can be a problem when you are down a very narrow street. if this is the case, walk out into a more open street and give your phone a few seconds to find its co-ordinates.

My WalkAppBout app has crashed?

This does happen to all apps and is usually caused by your phone running out of memory. Try closing down other applications that you are not using and this will usually solve the problem.

My battery runs down very quickly?

We have done everything we can to minimise the drain on your battery but this app does stretch your phone capabilities for several hours without stopping. Trying setting the Auto Lock screensaver to 1 minute and switching off your phone's wifi connection to improve the battery life further.

Anything else?

Please email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Many thanks

The WalkAppBout Team