The History Walking Guide - on your iPhone

 Tower of London WalkAppBout

The Tower of London is one of the most spectacular castles in England and a must see for any visitor to London. With the iconic 'Beefeaters' and the Crown Jewels there is plenty to see. This audio guide for you iphone will tell you about it. More...

British Museum WalkAppBout

The British Museum is one of the world's great museums with a collection of over six million items from all over the globe and from every civilisation, including the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. This audio guide app will help you find your way around and tell you about our 'Top 10' things to see. More...

City of London WalkAppBout

This WalkAppBout will take you through London's medieval streets and alleyways and you will hear the stories that have shaped London into what it is today and find corners of London's rich history that most visitors walk past without ever noticing. From the Romans to the Victorians, everyone has left their impression on the City, some in stranger ways than others. More...

Whitehall WalkAppBout

Walk through what was once the Palace of Whitehall, home to many Kings and Queens of England, and scene of many pivotal moments in English history. Still today this part of London remains the heart of Britain's government and contains more fascinating history in one single street than any other in London. More...

Westminster WalkAppBout

Westminster has a thousand years of royal history on its doorstep and contains more London icons than any other part of the city. This WalkAppbout starts at Big Ben, stops off at the surviving parts of the medieval Westminster Palace, takes you down London's finest Georgian streets, past Westminster Abbey and then through Green Park to Buckingham Palace. More...

St James WalkAppBout

St James, official home of the monarchy, has been one of the smartest addresses in London since King Henry VIII moved here. With St James Palace, its exclusive clubs and some of the oldest shops in London, it is a part of London that is brimming with history. More...

Why get a WalkAppBout app?

  • You have booked your hotel online, you have searched online for places to eat and drink but what are you going to do when you arrive?
  • A WalkAppBout app is your own audio guide to London, walking with you through the streets and telling you the stories about the buildings and the people who walked there long before you.

With a WalkAppBout app:

  • Get to see places other visitors miss and hear stories they never get to hear.

  • Get your own personal tour guide on your own phone.

  • Get off the beaten track and away from the crowds

WalkAppBout app features:

  • A detailed audio guide given by people who are passionate about the history that surrounds them
  • Historical photographs and pictures to put what you see in context
  • A compass and GPS navigation to easily walk between stops, as well as turn by turn instructions 
  • No expensive data roaming charges necessary